Jonathan Singel

I am a web developer always learning new things using the Model-View-Controller design pattern a (soon-to-be-licensed) drone pilot addicted to Subway subs interested in innovative design an admirer of the work of Kilgore Trout an agnostic a litecoin miner (on Hashnest) an object-oriented programmer an introvert a published 2nd author on a scholarly paper going to own a Noctilux one day a former bitcoin miner not a Trump supporter a reputation 17 warlord in For Honor a futorologist not a huge fan of Star Wars grateful for today a millenial easy to work with in teams the one called to fix my family's computers a former World of Warcraft addict in love with Leica cameras always drinking my coffee black a Wired magazine subscriber a bitcoin evangelist a GCL 7 Screeps player a Penn State Honor's College graduate an inscrutable poker player a fast typist a Leo constantly following great television series regularly listening to ''This American Life'' getting my news from NPR able to fly kites welcoming of our new robot overlords interested in artificial intelligence passionate about art in videogames in constant awe of the work of Jonathan Blow a frequent attendee of ''Friday Night Magic''

My Services

I have a wide range of tech-savvy skills.


Deployment from start to finish and development of custom plugins for specific needs.


I specialize in creating personal and organized media libraries of segmented and digitally compressed content.


Satisfaction-guaranteed aerial photos and 360 degree panoramic views of properties and events.

Personal Info


33 years


234 North 3rd Street,
Harrisburg, PA, 17101


(717) 877-3495


Available for:

Various freelance jobs


Drone Pilot & Photo Stitcher

August 2017 – Present – Kite Heights

Video Conversion Specialist

January 2015 – Present – Clone That

Web Developer

March 2010 – December 2012 – Intelmarx

Research Assistant

May 2005 – December 2008 – PSU

Professional Skills

Web Development (PHP, Python)
Image & Video Editing
Web Design (HTML 5, Flash, Javascript)
Drone/Kite Flying Expertise
Relational Database Management (MySQL)
Social Media Networking
Data Visualization & Analysis (Kaggle)